Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cavegirl catfight!

We have now migrated this blog to our more adult incarnation which will enable us to post some of the racier cavegirl photographs we have collected and, hopefully, enable us to do more regular updates.

To get us started, here are a nice pair (quartet?) of battling cavegirls.  Cavegirl catfights were a strong feature of films such as One Million Years BC no doubt, as ever, reflecting pre-historical reality.

Times were hard in the Stone Age and then, as now, cavegirls had to compete for men, food, drink, shiny beads and to-die-for moccasins. 

These two don't seem to be exhibiting quite the vicious passion of Raquel Welch and Martine Beswick but then they are probably just scratting about who gets the pretty shell or the next pair of Ugg boots the cave shoemaker cobbles together. 

No doubt they will soon kiss and make up, cast off their fur bikinis and ease their bruises together in a nice, hot spring.

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